The Top 3 Reasons to say “Yes” to Dallas Boudoir Photography!

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Dallas Boudoir Photography

If you’ve been debating whether or not to do a Dallas boudoir session, this blog is a love note to encourage you to do so!! Throughout my career doing boudoir photography in Dallas, I have heard so many women express a desire to do a session, but also a reluctance. I’ve heard objections like “I should lose weight first” and “It’s kinda weird and scary to get naked in front of a stranger” or my least favorite – “Maybe someday.”

If any of those thoughts sound like your inner monologue, this article is for you! And if I convince you it’s time for your session: I’m Karina, a Boudoir Photographer in Dallas who would to be the safe space who accompanies you on this journey!


The Top Three Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Session
How to Find the Best Dallas Photographer
My Experience as a Dallas Boudoir Photographer
Dallas Boudoir Photos
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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Do a Dallas Boudoir Session

  1. It’s time to embrace “you”. 
  2. This season of your life deserves to be documented. 
  3. Your session is the perfect gift for your partner!

Those are tiny sentences that pack a lot of meaning, so I want to delve a little deeper and explain more below!

1. It’s time to embrace “you”. 

Come as you are, right now! Boudoir is about embracing your identity, empowering you to be confident in your own skin, and showcasing your beauty, both inside and out. I’ve had women burst into tears seeing their photographs after the session, stunned to see themselves through my camera lens instead of just their own eyes or their mirror.

The beauty standards that we often see in society, culture and our own personal relationships encourage us to conform to their narrative of “beauty”. Boudoir sessions are powerful – not just because they give confidence and encouragement, but because they offer an opportunity for self love and approval without any outside influence.

This experience allows you to form a new identity, and to appreciate the unique qualities that make you beautiful!

2. This season of your life deserves to be documented. 

You will never have the same opinions, style, or scars that you have right now. You are the culmination of experiences and strength that have brought you to this point – and that reality is beautiful! You deserve to be captured as you are, with photographs that are a physical documentation of your identity.

Your weight, your scars, your smile – your session is a way of committing to loving these parts of yourself today, not just someday.

3. Your session is the perfect gift for your partner!

Okay okay, let’s get a little less philosophical on this one. Your boudoir images make for an amazing gift for your partner!! Now, I intentionally left this last for a reason. I passionately believe the first two reasons I recommend you do a boudoir session in Dallas are more powerful and impactful for your life, so I listed them first.

However, there are many occasions you may want to gift your partner boudoir images! Bridal boudoirs during engagement season or anniversary and birthday sessions are most common. A little black book filled with your favorite images is the perfect way to surprise your significant other!

How to Find the Best Dallas Boudoir Photographer for You

Once you’re ready to book a session, look for these things when searching for boudoir photography in Dallas!

  • Make sure you vibe well with the photographer! I mean, you will be nakey after all😉 Choosing someone who feels like a friend and who you feel ready to laugh and have fun with will help you feel even more comfortable during the session.
  • Consider their style of boudoir photography. Every photographer is different, so be sure to look at examples of their work and try to put yourself in their images.
  • Look for a photographer who seeks to understand your reason for doing the session. They should put in effort to get to know you, your thoughts, and your comfort level before you even book!
  • Understand what’s included in the session. Some photographers include studio rental and hair and makeup fees while others charge separately, some are all inclusive and some require a session fee separate from your image purchase. Checking beforehand saves you from any surprises or disappointment!
  • Seek out a luxury experience! This includes little details, like mimosas before the session or access to a client closet for your lingerie. This experience is all about relaxation and empowerment, and you deserve to feel spoiled and treated!

My Experience doing Boudoir Photography in Dallas

My own boudoir style is classy, romantic and timeless! I focus on images that are bright and soft, and posing that flatters your body while conveying your unique personality and features. My luxury experience includes your studio rental fee as well as hair and makeup services, mimosas, and a client closet with lingerie for you to choose from!

Before we ever get to the session, I begin by giving you a call to hear everything you’re dreaming up. In order to capture images that express who you are, I need to get to know you! I call this call a vibe check! We’ll discuss options for your session, and can sometimes schedule in as little as a week when you’re ready to move forward.

Your session will be in the morning. We’ll break for lunch and you’ll come back in the afternoon for your reveal! I’ll bring the tissues, because more often than not seeing yourself in your images is more than a little emotional. ❤️ I offer wall art and album options as well, so we’ll design any of your artwork that day as well!

I am truly so passionate about my job!! I adore being a Dallas boudoir photographer, and getting to tell the stories of women I meet. It would be an honor to share yours! Fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours about your session. I can’t wait to meet you🥰

Bridal Boudoir Photos

Did you know I’m also a wedding photographer?? I offer a bridal boudoir experience as part of some of my wedding collections! Reach out here🤗


July 24, 2023