French Farmhouse Bridal Session | Ken’Nadi

I help madly-in-love couples stay fully present without worry, creating fairytale, romantic photographs and a genuine, relaxed environment on their wedding day!

Can you keep a secret?? Bridal portraits are my FAV, and this French Farmhouse bridal session was no exception! Your wedding day is going to be all kinds of amazing and I can’t wait, but there will always be a super special place in my heart for your bridal session!! There is something so incredible about watching my brides put their full look together for the first time… and then getting to spend an entire hour together capturing all of your bridal pretty in a fun, relaxed atmosphere that will just get you more excited to put the dress on again!

If you’re conflicted over whether or not to do a bridal session, or if you’re not even quite sure what a bridal session is – here’s the deal. Bridal sessions are the tradition of taking portraits in your gown, typically between 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. I ADORE these sessions for so many reasons, and recommend them to all of my couples! Here’s 5 reasons you should consider one:

  1. All the details! Of course, we’ll still take time to capture portraits on the actual wedding day – but by having this time set apart in advance, we have the opportunity to really focus in on all the little details you spent so much time obsessing over!
  2. Take advantage of your trials! You’ll like already plan to schedule a hair, makeup and floral trial in advance of the big day. Take full advantage by doing your session on the same day to make sure you not only love your look in the mirror, but you love how it photographs too!
  3. Display your portraits at the reception. Use them to help embellish your welcome or cake table, it’s an extra excuse to show off how incredible your look is!
  4. Practice make perfect. Your bridal session is the perfect opportunity to time how long it takes to get into your gown, and take all those undergarments and accessories for a trial run. Use this time to discover that the underwear isn’t actually seamless, and that those beautiful jewels on your shoes catch the bottom of your dress when you walk – and adjust accordingly!
  5. Treat yourself! You’re only a bride once, and you deserve to have allllll the incredible memories from this special time in your life. Plus, these images will be ready to share the second you’re done walking down the aisle!

With that said, please enjoy a few of my favorites from Ken’Nadi’s bridal session!

If you’re interested in scheduling a bridal session of your own, reach out! As your personal hype girl, I’m ready🤗


January 18, 2023